Going Green? There’s An App For That …

Green Genie

Do you want to incorporate sustainable practices into your daily life? Discover the environmental impacts of your favorite products? Recycle an item? Increase your fuel efficiency? There’s an app for that! Going green is going high tech. Modern cellular phones and their abundance of applications prove that it IS easy to be green. Sustainable Fort Bragg tested many mobile applications with an environmental theme, and our favorites in terms of value, design and efficacy are …

Green Genie is arguably the most comprehensive green application available. Access a plethora of useful resources on sustainable living: home projects, garden projects, office projects, transportation, sustainable purchasing, waste reduction, recycling, energy conservation and water conservation. Green Genie also provides a green glossary, a directory of environmental Internet sites, information on environmental agencies and a connection to the Green Genie Global Community on Facebook.

Rippl from The Ocean Conservancy provides advice on incorporating sustainable practices into daily life at home and at the office. Try and customize new routines, set reminders, track your progress and share your successes on social media. Rippl encourages you to change your habits one step at a time and become more environmentally conscious at your convenience. 

Visit www.oceanconservancy.org/do-your-part/rippl.html for details.

With GoodGuide, you can access scientific, environmental information and ratings on thousands of consumer goods and companies in categories such as paper products, vehicles, appliances, electronics, personal care items, cleaners, food and apparel. A scan of a product’s bar code reveals its nutritional value, the safety and health of its ingredients, its resource efficiency and its impacts on human, climate and animal welfare. You can filter results through issues of concern, view comparisons of products and find suggestions for alternative, more environmentally preferred products.

Visit http://www.goodguide.com for details.

Ever wonder if those labels, claims and logos such as “organic,” “all natural,” “hypoallergenic” and “non-toxic” actually MEAN anything? With Label Lookup from the Natural Resources Defense Council, you can investigate product claims, discover their origins and learn to separate the “green” from the “green washed.” Label Lookup offers information on a variety of consumer goods including cleaning products, clothing, food, paper and personal care items.

Visit http://www.nrdc.org/living/labels/ for information.

Are you drowning in junk mail? PaperKarma can decrease that pile of paper pests. Snap a photograph of the offending mail with your phone camera, and PaperKarma will send an “unsubscribe request” to the sender. Those unwanted catalogs and credit card offers will be history! The application will also track your requests and provide company information.

Visit http://www.paperkarma.com for details.

iRecycle provides a directory of recycling centers in a specific area. Simply choose the item you wish to recycle, enter your location and iRecycle will retrieve a comprehensive list of recycling centers with locations, maps and contact information.

Visit http://www.earth911.com/irecycle for information.

The average home wastes a lot of money each year on inefficient lighting. Light Bulb Finder can locate the most energy efficient bulbs for any type of light fixture. Input your location, fixture type, bulb style, bulb wattage, features and usage habits, and this application will find your recommended bulb as well as information on its energy consumption, brightness, life span, life-cycle cost, energy savings and more. You can add your bulbs to a shopping list or even purchase the bulbs through the application.

Visit http://www.lightbulbfinder.net for more information.

The Together We Save application from the Touchstone Energy Cooperatives contains tips for conserving energy, an energy cost calculator and local environmental alerts. A companion application provides an energy use “Tip of the Day” with links to social media.

Visit http://www.togetherwesave.com/Energy-Saving-App-Smartphones for details.

Input your vehicle model and your local gasoline price, and Go Drive Green will track your fuel efficiency, carbon emissions, driving style and more in real time as you travel. After the journey, the application will provide a cumulative summary of fuel use, brake wear and tire wear. Then, Go Drive Green will issue a Green Score. The Green Score offers information on increasing fuel economy, selecting fuel efficient routes and improving driving habits for more sustainable trips.

Visit http://www.godrivegreenapp.com for information.

Are hazards to your health lurking under your sink or on your shelf? Banish the chemicals and create your own green cleaners. Green cleaners protect our environment, our health and the funds in your wallet. The Green Shine application provides a list of environmentally preferred cleaning techniques and cleaning solutions that you can concoct from common items in your kitchen.


  • DO IT GREEN – A collection of videos demonstrating methods for creating environmentally preferred cleaning supplies, pet products, beauty products and meals from author Sophie Uliano
  • HARVEST TO HAND – A directory of farmer’s markets, agritourism sites, shops and restaurants that sell or use local foods based on your GPS location
  • TREEHUGGER – A blog featuring news, articles and podcasts on environmental themes
  • ORGANIC DIET BUDDY – Information on fruits and vegetables including potential pesticide contamination, nutritional information and preparation suggestions in addition to a list of farmer’s markets in all 50 states
  • POCKET RANGER – Information on North Carolina state parks and activities
  • LEAFSNAP – A tree identification application

Visit http://www.epa.gov/greenapps to explore more!

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