Energy Conservation Guidance for Fort Bragg Building Occupants

As the Department of Defense searches for ways to conserve fiscal resources, all individuals living and working on Fort Bragg are encouraged to conserve energy.

– Ensure that all exterior doors and windows remain closed and well sealed at all times.

– Building lights (except those needed for security) shall be turned off when the facility is unoccupied.

– Use “task” lighting if additional illumination is needed.

– Regardless of personal comfort, space heaters are strictly prohibited in heated or cooled spaces. If you are not comfortable at these temperatures, layer clothing.

– Power down all computers at the end of the duty day. When not in use, turn off all computer speakers, scanners and ancillary equipment.

– Periodically check weather stripping and caulking. If weather stripping and caulking is aging, drying or peeling then submit a work order for repairs at 910.396.0321.

– Place computers and peripherals (printers, monitors, multifunction devices) on a power strip or smart strip. Contact the Energy Program for information on smart strips.

– If your building is used after hours, occupied areas should be limited to assure that you do not heat the entire building unnecessarily.

– Building occupants are responsible for changing air filters not located in mechanical rooms with ceiling clearances under 10 feet. Filters can be obtained through DPW Self Help at 396.0321. Changing air filters should be done on a quarterly basis to ensure HVAC performance and a healthy work environment.

– AR 420-1 has been amended to the following: During the heating season, temperatures in occupied facilities will be maintained at 68 degrees F during working hours, and heating set back temperatures during unoccupied times shall be set at 55 degrees F. Where mechanical cooling is authorized, cooling season temperatures for occupied working and living spaces shall be maintained at 78 degrees F. Cooling set up temperatures during unoccupied times shall be set at 85 degrees F. DPW technicians will be implementing changes to thermostat settings. It is not necessary to place a service order to have thermostat settings changed.

For more information, contact the Energy Program at 396.7523/396.4824/908.4790.

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