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Over a decade ago, the Department of the Army proposed the following vision of sustainability for the military. The goal is to map out a new vision for the management of our installations … a holistic approach to sustaining our installations well into the next century while simultaneously fostering transformation.

In response to this decree, Fort Bragg was one of the first Army posts to publicly and actively set goals toward sustainability, which was famously defined by the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development as the ability to meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Fort Bragg is arguably the nation’s premier military installation for the training, mobilization and deployment of United States contingency forces. Our international contributions, the achievement of our mission objectives and the success of our Soldiers are dependent upon the responsible use of our natural and fiscal resources. As a government entity, Fort Bragg must comply with federal and state environmental laws as well as Army environmental regulations. Therefore, sustainability is not only beneficial to Fort Bragg.

It is imperative.

The installation’s environmental program has come full circle. Fort Bragg once faced many environmental challenges which threatened to compromise the mission. These challenges included incompatible growth that constrained training exercises, aging infrastructure and threats to our boundaries. To address these issues, Fort Bragg incorporated sustainability concepts into comprehensive strategic planning.

Now, Fort Bragg has emerged as a leading advocate for the environment in the Department of Defense, the United States and the state of North Carolina. In fact, our sustainability initiative has served as a template for the Army Strategy for the Environment, the Department of Defense Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan and the Army Sustainability Campaign Plan. Numerous installations have emulated our successes. Fort Bragg is tasked with maintaining operational sustainability, or applying the environmental principles that we helped to create to all aspects of our lives on post.

A program once billed as environmental is now fully integrated across the installation. Conservation is the responsibility of everyone who lives and works on Fort Bragg. Our directorates are actively engaged, and our Civilian employees have voluntarily supported the cause and have entrenched these practices in their work places. Our Soldiers are increasingly aware of the holistic approach required to sustain Fort Bragg and our mission.

First, Garrison Goal One – a sustainable community meeting the needs of the Soldier today, tomorrow and forever – reflects the installation’s commitment to the Army Triple Bottom Line of Mission, Environment and Community. Second, our official environmental policy – The Right Way … The Green Way … All The Way – sets a standard for our sustainability initiative. The Right Way ensures compliance with government environmental policies. The Green Way promotes resource conservation and pollution prevention. All the Way encourages continual improvement, total commitment to resource stewardship and the full integration of sustainable practices into daily operations. We ensure operational sustainability by nurturing a culture of environmentally conscious individuals and by consistently pioneering inventive projects to address environmental concerns.

As Otto Von Bismarck once remarked, a government must not waiver once it has chosen its course. It must not look to the left or right, but go forward. For Fort Bragg, that course is sustainability. As the military mission evolves, the sustainability program will also move forward to secure the viability of the installation for future generations of war fighters, a Civilian support force and their Families.

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