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The Fort Bragg Cultural Resources Management Program is responsible for the management of several types of cultural resources including prehistoric archaeological sites, historic archaeological sites, historic structures, cemeteries, historic landscapes, artifacts and documents.

The CRMP facilitates regulatory compliance with federal laws and Army regulations that collectively guide historic preservation and cultural resources management obligations and processes on federal lands.

Fort Bragg is rich in over 12,000 years of history, from Native American precontact sites to European settlement and rural industrial sites and from Revolutionary War and Civil War battlefields to modern Army training lands.

Significant cultural resources on Fort Bragg include 6,000 identified archaeological sites over 121,000 acres of the installation, over 300 historic buildings, two antebellum churches, the Monroe’s Crossroads Civil War cavalry battle site, 27 historic cemeteries and the Overhills estate. The Old Post Historic District features multiple historically important, architecturally unique structures such as the Main Post Chapel, the American Red Cross, Garrison administrative offices (which once housed Womack Army Medical Center), barracks and even mule barns that are reminiscent of the post’s days as a field artillery training camp in the World War I era.

The CRMP offers various publications about the history of Fort Bragg and opportunities to view archaeological artifacts, tour historic sites and volunteer with the program.

The collection of artifacts on Fort Bragg is a violation of federal law and Army regulations.
Disturbance of marked archaeological sites is prohibited. If artifacts are found, mark the site and contact the CRMP at 396.6680.


Contact the CRMP at 396.6680 or visit the Cultural Resources Management Program.

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