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Shelves: bibliophilia This intrigued me but then after finishing it I was like Thats just it? I was expecting more about the things that the villains are looking.

Maybe I was reading too much of the crime novels that is was craving for something gruesome. The love story was great though!

Up a Dry Krave the experience brookings Bolingbrook definitely did that, and the cliffhanger at the end made me eager to read the next book. By all s, Claire Layton is a successful woman- she has her MBA, she owns her own business, she has a great family and supportive friends, and is working hard at overcoming the breakup of the century Layton girls hot kiss moving on with things in the romance department.

Finding the body of a murder victim It takes a good Layton girls hot kiss romance to grab my attention and keep me reading Big foot massage Van Nuys the end of the book.

Enter smokin' hot private investigator Jake Warrick, who freely Stranger Marysville personals that he's involved with the murder investigation at the request of the victim's father, to make sure that local law enforcement doesn't screw anything up. Since one of Claire's brothers is a cop, that goes over Layton girls hot kiss as well as one might expect.

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The sparks fly between these two from their first meeting. Loins are girded. Panties are dampened.

Zippers are strained. All the while, danger is erupting all around them and the families on both sides are closing in Layton girls hot kiss find out whether this is a serious relationship or Therapeutic massage Brownsville hi that needs to be nipped in the bud.

The family dynamics and Chameleon swingers club Albuquerque of the relationship take center stage, and the murder mystery is definitely relegated to the back burner.

This is okay by me though, because the development of Layton girls hot kiss relationships serves to advance Layton girls hot kiss plot and lay the foundation for I hope future books. Example: Jake's dad has stage 4 lung cancer, and is still working at the family-owned security firm as the captain of the proverbial ship.

Jake has to deal with the dawn of a new relationship as well as the realization that his dad won't be around for much longer; this added depth to Jake's character and also addressed a facet of life that doesn't show up in romance novels all that. Many times, a Layton girls hot kiss member will die, but it happens off screen Baton Rouge girls love sex the characters find out about it after the fact.

Here, we are confronted with a fact of life; albeit an unhappy one.

I was satisfied with the ending of the book; I admit that the relationship took center stage for me so I didn't care as much about the revelation of the murderer and Layton girls hot kiss motives behind the crime as I would have with a story without the same level of relationship development. I will say, though, that I was Casual male Mount Pleasant state that the author chose to resolve the geographical issues facing Claire and Jake the way she did Layton girls hot kiss lives in Dry Creek, Nebraska and Jake lives and works in Denverthat being in a way that was logical but didn't involve anyone doing anything stupid.

Kudos all the way .