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Green products are products that are designed to conserve energy, conserve natural resources and protect the environment and public health.

Generally, green products …

  • are recyclable and/or made of recycled content.
  • are biobased or plant based.
  • are energy efficient.
  • are water efficient.
  • are alternatively fueled.
  • are manufactured with renewable energy and by other sustainable processes.
  • contain low or no volatile organic compounds.
  • are less hazardous or less toxic alternatives to other common products.



Fort Bragg purchases green products in its acquisitions because as a federal agency, the installation must meet certain Green Procurement mandates in Executive Orders, the Department of Defense Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan, the DoD Green Procurement Plan, the Army Sustainability Campaign Plan and Fort Bragg regulations.

The responsibility for implementing the DoD Green Procurement Plan lies not within any single organization but with every person involved in the procurement process – technical planners, contracting specialists, requisitions specialists and Government Purchase Card Holders. Each person has a role to play in ensuring that the DoD complies with all federal procurement preference requirements.

GPC Holders receive training in Green Procurement when they receive their GPC Holder training course. For more information, contact the Green Procurement Trainer at 432.8476.


Fort Bragg Self-Service Supply Center
Building 8-2244
Macomb Street

DoD EMall



As a consumer, you have a unique opportunity to support Green Procurement goals. In addition, buying green has numerous benefits!

  • By purchasing green products, you are also creating more of a market and demand for sustainable products, thus closing the loop.
  • By purchasing green products, you are creating jobs for manufacturers of green products.
  • By purchasing green products, you are helping to reduce waste in the environment as well as the pollution and public health concerns associated with waste.
  • By purchasing green products, you are conserving energy, water and natural resources.
  • By purchasing green products, you are reducing pollution and the contamination of natural resources.
  • By purchasing green products, you are encouraging the use of alternative and renewable energy sources, which in turn decreases our dependence on foreign petroleum.


Unfortunately, green can also be greenwashed.

There are very few regulations regarding the labeling of allegedly green products. So, if a product is touted as all-natural, eco-friendly, organic or environmentally safe, you may want to research the product more thoroughly to investigate if  these claims are valid. Most of the time, consumers should take green labels with a grain of salt. If a product labeled as all-natural contains a lot of chemicals that you cannot pronounce, it’s probably not too green after all.

There are, however, certain certifications that essentially guarantee a product’s green merits. Here are a few labels you can trust.

  • ENERGYSTAR products are certified by the federal government to be energy efficient. Learn more HERE
  • The FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL (FSC) CERTIFICATION seal ensures that paper products are derived from sustainably harvested and verified sources. Learn more HERE …
  • Environmentally preferred cleaning products are marked with a GREEN SEAL CERTIFIED label and are recognized for safer chemistry. Learn more HERE
  • Food products are not guaranteed organic unless they have the USDA ORGANIC seal. Learn more HERE
  • Want cosmetics that are not tested on animals? Look for the CRUELTY FREE label. Learn more HERE

Some other reliable labels …

Rainforest Alliance seals are often found on sustainably-sourced wood and food products.

EPA WaterSense seals are often found on water efficient products.

Fair Trade Certified seals are often found on sustainably-harvested, ethically-sourced food products.

CRI Green Label seals are often found on carpets that contain low levels of volatile organic compounds.

EPA Design for the Environment  seals are often found on items that meet EPA standards for green products.


The GoodGuide can help you find products that are safe, healthy, green and ethical based on scientific ratings. To learn more, download the GoodGuide app for Android and iPhone or visit The GoodGuide online.


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